Highlight Your Keywords

November 25, 2008 · Print This Article

Making your keywords standout is another way to allow both your reader as well as the search engines to understand the major topic of your page.

Here are the most popular ways to highlight your keywords.

1) Put the keywords in header h1 tags. Use of this header tag is probably the strongest way to make your keywords look important.

2) Use the strong or bold b tags to make your keywords bold.

3) Use your keywords throughout the page, preferably closer to the top of the page.

Take special care not to overuse any of the above suggestions. Overuse can lead to “over-optimization” which can have a negative impact on your rankings. If the search engines determine that your use of keywords or tags seems out of the ordinary, this can flag your site for deindexing which means it could be removed from the search engine database entirely.


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